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Property Management Services in Mazatln, Mexico


For a great overview of the city, read this blog by Honeytrek

Having a second home in Mexico is the dream of many Americans and Canadians who seek to have the best of both worlds. 

If you choose to buy a home or condominium, and many do, it is important to have reliable oversight of your property in your absence.  

Maintaining any vacation property from a distance can be worrisome even domestically.  Learning how to oversee repairs or renovation projects with workers who speak another language and understanding what things should cost in a different country takes time.

How will you know if you are paying the appropriate amount for repairs, and whom should you hire?  What if a tropical storm comes through while you are gone?  Who will take the precautions necessary to protect your property, and investment, from rain and wind damage?  

Elise Page

Elise Page


Elise Page is an experienced property manager taking care of residences throughout Mazatlan.  

With over 13 years in the Mazatlán community, Elise is bi-lingual and has an extensive network of trusted local contractors to address the unexpected water break or electrical issue.

She will tailor details of your service to your unique circumstances. 

Property Management Services

*  Local bills checked for accuracy and paid in timely fashion

*  Detailed statements and hands-on oversight of expenditures.

*  Consultation on what competitive rates are for repairs and services

*  Oversight of workers and cost negotiation for repairs and maintenance work      

*  Air conditioning monitored

*  Taps, showers, toilets run

*  Appliances all in working order

*  Airing out and mildew prevention in property

*  Exterminations

* Periodic Light Housekeeping

* Key transfers and Meet-and-Greet for guests who may visit when you are away. 

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