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Resources for full- or part-time life in Mexico

Ventanas Mexico provides resources to people considering moving or retiring to Mexico, including a blog, the section It's Cheaper in Mexico, and the books the "Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online," and "If Only I Had a Place' on renting in Mexico.


NEWLY RELEASED! - Soon to be available in print

If Only I Had a Place: An Aspiring Expat's Guide to Renting Luxuriously In Mexico for Less

Released July, 2017

If you are thinking of living part- or full-time in Mexico, you will need to rent a place to live for longer than a vacation stay. As much as realtors would have you believe renting in Mexico is just like at home, it's not (for one thing, the industry is not nearly as regulated).

This book takes you through the steps of how to secure a luxurious longer-term rental for less than you imagined, year after year, and explains why where you live will be so important to your happiness as an expat.

Are you worried about renting a place online, only to find that it’s not as represented, or worse, non-existent?

This book also provides a listing of reputable local rental concierges who can preview a property, house or apartment for you before you sign.

All know their areas well. Most have an online presence such as their own blogs and business websites.

They have been recruited and screened to give you precious peace of mind as you are deciding where you want to live as you test drive living in Mexico.

First Amazon review: 

[Five Stars]"Perfect book for wannabe Expats....Great resource! Looking to go in the future and this book holds lots of knowledge and tools. Wish I was able to go today!" - Rachelle M. Randon July 7, 2017





About the author: Hi, I’m Kerry Baker and author of “The Interactive Guide for Learning Spanish Free Online,” a curation of the best free Spanish learning tools on the web and the principal blogger for Ventanas Mexico and now "If I Only Had a Place."

I have been an expat in Mexico for four years and base my books on both personal experience and extensive research.  "If Only I Had a Place," takes the fear out of renting in a foreign country and includes a listing of people who can help you "preview" your dream place.